A new blog? Nobody felt it so necessary. I’m aware that anyone entering, by any chance, this blog could have this reaction. I, to say the least, would have it for sure. We are flooded, invaded, overwhelmed by blog, forum, discussions, social networks, communities and whatever the information technology developed. I am so, for sure. I’m a follower of some communities and consequently I’m used to receive e-mail sent by the social networks which I decided to participate, essentially with curiosity or to accept an invitation; but, I’m not able to follow everything. In fact, I get following almost nothing. It requires too much time which I need to working, studying, reading or gathering information and data (and, on spare time, also eating and resting..). Nor I succeed writing frequently or posting something (I admire those who are able to tweet in any moment and always have something to say). It is again due to time reasons; but not only: I’m not able to writing off something. I need rereading what written, turning it again and again, changing its form, trying improving it and getting it more logical. This process is, of course, in contrast with the mental approach behind the decision to be involved in these communication means; an approach that is based on the rapid sharing of the written text, as it is. In case it happens to writing “whatis” joined together, well…never mind!

I used the words “gathering information and data”. Well, here is the keystone. Internet is a wonderful tool to exchange info and contents. Beyond social networks and community, I would say that I make an intensive use of it since the beginning to find quickly any needed info or data. It is sure that among all what is put in the web there is a lot of garbage. Nevertheless, there is a lot of interesting things, if one is able to discover them using a critical and analytical approach and arming with patience.

I recently heard an erudite English teacher, during an international student contest, asking to one of them who mentioned Wikipedia as a source of info: but do you believe to Wikipedia? I was astonished, since that question had the same dogmatic charge of the mirror statement assigning to the web an almost thaumaturgical power, with no limit (also as the best democracy vehicle!). The poor student, embarrassed, didn’t succeed readily answering: for sure I do not believe it unthinkingly, I am used to cross check and verify what read using different sources; often I found that Wikipedia provides correct and well written info; sometimes I find some rubbish. On the contrary, he muttered something, blushing with shame, almost justifying for his impudence. The erudite teacher showed a pitying smile.

“Gathering info and data” is, therefore, the key word. This blog would like being a very small and modest vehicle of those info that the author cumulated in so many years of professional activity and would now getting them available to and share with those who could need them. Data that I hardly procured and could be useful to someone else. Results of some research I performed. And so on.

The title is apparently ambitious: Engineering. I said apparently since here engineering is to be intended as a work method, a mental approach: racking ones brains to find a solution to any possible problem!

Certainly, to get this intention effective, this blog should be read or, at least, easily found by the web research engines.

This is just that the mandate that I assigned to those of “Graphics & Web Solution” who designed and, as it is used to say, powered this site.

My beloved Manzoni addressed to his twenty five readers. If that was his target, the mine could not be other a negative number of readers!

I, nevertheless, observed that at the recent ballot for the Council of the Genoa Engineering Register, where I placed my candidature as independent (I do not like so much the pre-packed lists), I got twenty voters. Could they be readers as well?

Maybe! To be seen. I’ll try it, in the meantime. The info will be there waiting to be caught; I’m comforted by the idea that they will not invade any e-mail box and peep in any smart-phone, unless they are called for.

For the moment is enough (maybe too much).

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