Description Site Customer Year
- VGO FCC and HM123 revamping project, OMV Petrobrazi Refinery
Design validation assessment for PED compliance of thirtyfour (34) category III lines supplied by Foster Wheeler Italiana.
Brazii de Sus, Romania  Rina Services  2014
- OMV Petrom Plant
Design validation assessment for PED compliance of 147 lines category III supplied by Foster Wheeler Italiana.
Romania Rina Services 2011 - 2012
- AP1000 (Westinghouse) Nuclear Power Plant
Design of the containemnt building service deck, supporting the main steam, feedwater, reactor cooling lines, made in steel-concrete composite construction.
China Ansaldo Nucleare 2009 - 2011
- AP1000 (Westinghouse) Nuclear Power Plant
Design of 37 supporting structures for Main Steam (MS-A e MS- B), Feedwater (FW), Reactor Coolant System (RCS) and RNS lines.
China Ansaldo Nucleare 2008 - 2010
- Mohovce Units 3 & 4 Nuclear Power Plant
Technical management of the activities regarding the Diesel-Generator and the development of the design and qualification criteria of some components of the conventional island.
Slovakia Ansaldo Nucleare 2008 - 2010
- Cernavoda Unit 2 Nuclear Power Plant
Management of the Turbine-Generator project: management and administration of the contracts regarding the equipment design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and start-up; management of the site organization (40-45 resources) devoted to the engineering, supply follow-up, site installation supervision, and commissioning. Activity performed under the Management Team of the AECL - Ansaldo Consortiun.
Romania Ansaldo Nucleare 2002 - 2007
- WaiGaoQiao 2 x 900 MW Coal Power Plant
In cooperation with STI - Genova, development of the construction design of the boiler island steel structures, namely:
a) two boiler supporting structures (each structure having horizontal dimensions of 39.4 m x 51.0 m and height of 115 m);
b) two silo bay buildings (bunker), the related coal mills dust collection system supporting structures and conveyor bridge;
c) two air pre-heater buildings (supporting the flue gas ducts and the air pre-heaters);
d) one control building.
China Alstom Power 1999 - 2002
- Turkish Coast Guard Izmir Headquarters
Management of execution and construction design, tender preparation, and site management for the construction of the Turkish Coast Guard Izmir Headquarters and helicopter hangar buildings.
Turkey Agusta 1998 - 2001
- Elsta Terneuzen Dow Chemical Plant
Flexibility analyses, isometric and arrangement drawings, support drawings of the Recovery Heat Generator pipe lines. Supporting the approval process by the Dutch Authority Stoomwezen.
The Netherlands Ansaldo Energia 1996 - 1997
- Mirfa Desalination Plant
Desalinators structural design in accordance with ASME VIII-1 and supporting the qualification and approval process by the customer.
Arab Emirates Ansaldo Energia 1994 - 1995
- VEBA-OEL H2-N2-S2 Reactor
Reactor construction design according to AD-Mekblatt and finite element analysis of the critical parts.
Germany Belleli 1993
- I2 110 and 500 kV Interconnecting System
110 and 500 kV substations steel lattice towers structural and seismic design.
Colombia Ansaldo Industria 1992 - 1993
- Superphènix-1 Nuclear Power Plant
Being manager of the Ansaldo nuclear component design area, development of the design of the new barillet.
France Novatome 1986 - 1989