Description Site Costumer Year
- Val Polcevera Waste Treatment Plant
Assessment of the design of the concrete works for the anaerobic digesters.
Comune di Genova 2002
- Hyperbaric Therapy Centre
Development of the preliminary design of a new hyperbaric centre (foundation and civil works, medical gas distribution plants, thermal plant, electric plant, fire fighting plant).
Italy Air Liquide Sanità,
Sistemi Iperbarici Integrati
2001 - 2002
- Ruths SpA industrial warehouse
Structural inspecting test of the additional storey of the warehouse.
Ruths 2002
- Turkish Coast Guard Izmir Headquarters
Management of the execution and construction design, tender preparation, and site management for the construction of the Turkish Coast Guard Izmir Headquarters and helicopter hangar buildings.
Agusta 1998 - 2001
- New canalization of Negrone and Senza Nome streams (1° Lot)
Structural inspecting tests of the hydraulic and hydrogeological works regarding the Chiaravagna river and its tributaries.
Comune di Genova,
Costruzioni Generali Xodo
1998 - 2004
- Bombrini Villa, Genoa
Expertise on the solidity of the building and estimate of the refurbishment works. Read more
Comune di Genova 2000
- EAS-TOP Project, Campo Imperatore
Design, technical follow-up of supply, fabrication, installation and tests of the domes and the supporting structures of four telescopes for Cerenkov light for INFN. Read more
Campo Imperatore,
Ansaldo Energia 1994 - 1997
- Historical area, Genoa
Committment for the design of the demolition works of the unsafe masonry remains of the building located at n. 20 of Vico Dietro il Coro di S. Giacomo in Genoa and for the elaboration of the solidity status of the adjacent building.
Comune di Genova 1994
- Medicean Wharf of Livorno Port
Elaboration of the execution design to call the CEE bidding for the construction ofthe plants and the works necessary for the new ship fitting out dock of the Medicean Wharf.
Consorzio Livornese Bacini di Carenaggio 1994 - 1995