Project management - Site construction management

  • Project management

Managing a project requires technical skills as well as a strong orientation to the achievement of the goal, in terms of times, costs and results.

All the aspects of project need to be deeply focused: contract and its management, planning and control, design, construction, site activities, commissioning and start-up, quality, assigned human resources management. Each one of these aspects is demanding different skills and abilities that experience and time contribute to improve.

In this field, the Studio Principal can offer experiences at the highest technical-management level, achieved with the management of many constructions. Among these it is of particular significance the management of the turbo-generator project for the Cernavoda (Romania) Unit 2 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP-2). Extended over five years, this activity allowed the construction, commissioning and entering into operation within the scheduled time (September 1st, 2007) of the 700 MW steam turbo-generator. This activity required the creation of a dedicated project unit, having the necessary authority to achieve the target. This unit, with almost forty dedicated human resources, organized in discipline sections (engineering, contract administration, construction, commissioning, planning and control), managed the  engineering and fabrication contracts (stipulated with General Electric and General Turbo) and the assembly, installation and commissioning contract (stipulated with general Turbo). The unit, therefore, supervised and coordinated all on-site engineering assembly and installation activities, developed and supervised the procedure and the instructions for the commissioning activities, in addition to its own Quality Manual. The attention paid to the management of the dedicated human resources from many different countries (Romania, Canada, France, Italy, Argentine, and so on) was one of the main reasons of the success of this demanding and challenging project, highly critical for the plant start-up.

Managing a complex project demands to join and put together relational abilities (motivation and leadership),  technical skills (understanding and assign the necessary importance to the problems that inevitably you will face), planning abilities (understanding in advance the activities interconnections and their impact on the critical path), decision-making abilities (taking what you feel the necessary decisions to avoid the project stall), administrative skills (to drive the contracts to get the best for the overall project purpose and prudently managing their implementation), organization skills (put all the above together to obtain a machine that moves in the direction of the success).

Other project management experiences were achieved  with the construction of the new headquarter for the Turkey Coast Guard in Izmir, with the design of the Boiler Island structures for the WaigaoQiao Plant.


  • Site construction management

The site construction management is that engineering field where you have the responsibility to get constructed and put into service a design generally prepared by others. In this frame, beyond the responsibility of the correct construction, you have the responsibility of the site costs. The Studio Principal has achieved experiences of site construction management in the frame of plants constructed in Italy (waste treatment facilities) and for the installation of products designed by Simpro Componenti, the engineering company he contributed to founding and managed as CEO since 1993 to 1998.