Directive 97/23/EC or "Pressure Equipment Directive" (PED) - Directive 2001/105/EC or "Simple Pressure Vessel Directive" (SPVD) - Direttiva 2006/42/EC or New Machine Directive - Directive 94/9/EC or ATEX - ASME Certification - CE Marking and New Approach Directives - Structural Inspections and Tests

  • Directive 97/23/EC or “Pressure Equipment Directive” (PED)

We work, since the publication and effectiveness, on the Directive 97/23/EC “Pressure Equipment Directive”, for which we perform a consulting activity to a national Notified Body.  Our consulting is mainly aimed at reviewing the design (calculations drawings, analytical methods, constructive solutions), with the purpose to assess its conformity to the Directive Essential Safety Requirements (as per Annex I). In this field, we reviewed hundreds of construction projects for diversified applications, like power plants, waste treatment plants, regasification, chemical, petrochemical, off-shore, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc. This activity is addressed to the design validation of pressure vessels, tanks, towers, columns, heat exchangers, process piping, power piping, gas transportation piping, expansion joints, valves and actuators, safety valves, etc. In relation to every component or system reviewed, we issue a validation report that includes: the determination of the allowable stress values in compliance with PED; the evaluation of the test pressure value required by PED; when necessary, independent calculations to check the required thickness or confirm the stress verifications; the assessment of the correctness of the analytical method adopted by the designer, especially if seismic and/or wind loads have to be taken into account; the assessment of the finite element model, if any; the assessment of the completeness of the design; etc. Aware of the responsibility taken with the public in performing this demanding and critical activity; in order to ensure the highest quality standard and the overall consistency of the process, we adopted a rigorous internal control procedure, based on check-lists and forms tailored to every situation subject to assessment, and we have, in addition, developed many specific calculation sheets...


  • Directive 2009/105/EC or “Simple Pressure Vessel Directive” (SPVD)

Even though the design reviews for validating the conformity with this Directive are less frequent, we have, nevertheless, achieved important  experiences in this field, too. In detail, we recently performed the validation assessment of pressure components designed and manufactured in China, as per EN 286-1, to be put on the European market ….


  • Directive 2006/42/EC or New Machine Directive

In the frame of this Directive, we essentially worked on machines and devices used for the oxygen plasma cutting in the iron and steel industry. For such equipment, beyond the design activity, our activity was aimed at performing the Risk Analysis and evaluating the measures to be taken to reduce or remove any hazard, in compliance with the Directive requirements. Also in this case, we developed a rigorous internal control procedure that implements, on a software platform, the requirements of the reference European Norms….


  • Directive 94/9/CE or ATEX

Since long we work on the classification of dangerous areas in process and off-shore plants, and on the measures to be taken to reduce or remove any hazard related to the explosive atmospheres Recently we provided our consulting services on ATEX in relation to oxygen cutting devices used in the iron and steel industry….


  • ASME Certification

We provide support and consulting services to manufacturers who intend achieving the ASME certification and being authorized to mark their products with one of the ASME stamps. Our consulting services are aimed at putting the Client in a position to implement rapidly into practice and operation their own quality control system in compliance with the ASME requirements. We, therefore,  assist our Client in preparing and implementing the Quality Control Manual, in preparing all necessary Quality Procedures and all check forms and modules,  necessary for the correct fulfillment of the working approach required by the Manual……


  • CE Marking and New Approach Directives

We provide consulting and assistance  regarding the CE marking procedures (New Approach Directives), the conformity assessment modules, the Technical Files preparation. If required, we provide training courses on CE marking...


  • Structural Inspections and Tests

We are well trained and experienced in performing and leading structural inspections and tests either for civil and public works, or for pressure systems and equipment. Our services include: 1) preparation of the Inspection and Test Specification that provide the objective, the way to be followed to achieve it,  the expected results, the proposed method to assess the results, etc.; 2) the participation to and the leading of the test along with the supervision of data gathering and the indication of the possible and necessary corrective actions; 3) the assessment of the results; 4) the preparation of the conclusive report…