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- AP1000 (Westinghouse) Nuclear Power Plant
Design of the containemnt building service deck, supporting the main steam, feedwater, reactor cooling lines, made in steel-concrete composite construction.
China Ansaldo Nucleare 2009 - 2011
- AP1000 (Westinghouse) Nuclear Power Plant
Design of 37 supporting structures for Main Steam (MS-A e MS- B), Feedwater (FW), Reactor Coolant System (RCS) and RNS lines.
China Ansaldo Nucleare 2008 - 2010
- Acque del Chiampo Water Purification Plant, Arzignano, Vicenza
Design of the gas-air heat exchangers supporting structure.
Progett 2009
- OAO NMLK Blast Furnace No. 7, Lipetsk, Russia
Design of the supporting structures SP-028, 029 e 030.
Progett 2009
- Impianto San Marco Bioenergie Plant, Line 2
Structural design and in-service behavior survey of the new beams supporting the wood chips boiler hoppers, subject to creep conditions
Sirtis 2008 - 2011
- Danieli Combustion Center, Taranto
Structural analysis and evaluation of the wind dynamic response of the chimneys.
Interprogetti 2007 – 2008
- Valmadrera (Lecco) Waste-to-Energy Plant
Feasibility analysis and design review of the three-flue steel chimney.
Termomeccanica Ecologia 2005
- WaiGaoQiao 2 x 900 MW Coal Power Plant
In cooperation with STI - Genova, development of the construction design of the boiler island steel structures, namely:
a) two boiler supporting structures (each structure having horizontal dimensions of 39.4 m x 51.0 m and height of 115 m);
b) two silo bay buildings (bunker), the related coal mills dust collection system supporting structures and conveyor bridge;
c) two air pre-heater buildings (supporting the flue gas ducts and the air pre-heaters);
d) one control building.
China Alstom Power 1999 - 2002
- Busto Arsizio Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Finite element analysis of the deaerator collecting tank.
Busto Arsizio,
Protecma 2002
- Quetta, Pakistan, Thermal Power Plant
Analysis of the transformers’ vibration insulation system.
Pakistan Fiat Avio 2002
- Fuel Cell Equipment
Structural design and analysis of parts of the anodic and catodic containment and closing systems.
Italy Ansaldo Ricerche, Ansaldo Fuel Cells 2000 - 2002
- Stream Project
Structural design and analysis of the soil embedded raceways.
Ansaldo Trasporti 2000 - 2001
- Trieste Municipality Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Check of the acceptability of additional loads on the boiler supporting structure.
TTR 2001
- Cagliari Municipality Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Structural calculations of concrete works and steel structures for bid preparation about line III.
TTR 1999
- Porto Marghera Municipality Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Structural design of the condenser supporting structure.
Porto Marghera,
TTR 1998
- Trieste Municipality Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Structural analysis of the boiler #1 supporting structure.
TTR 1997 – 1998
- ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT)
Participation to the structural design activity of some telescope structures.
Cerro Tololo,
Ansaldo Energia 1994 – 1996
- Avedore Power Station
Turbine casing finite elements structural analysis.
Ansaldo Energia 1996
- Italian Center for Aerospace Reaserach (CIRA)
Structural design and verification of the mechanical arms of the simulation plant plasma chamber.
Ansaldo Industria 1996
- Buia Synthesis Plant
Plant arrangement, equipment design and dynamic design of the bunker structures subject to explosion.
Italy Ausimont 1995 – 1996
- Penstocks
Structural design and verification of inlet and discontinuity regions.
Italy Ansaldo Industria 1993
- Penstocks
Structural design and verification of the flanges of the expansion and disassembly joints.
Italy Ansaldo Industria 1993
- Port Cranes, Morocco
Sesimic analysis and mechanical-structural design.
Morocco Ansaldo Movimentazione 1993
- Turku and Hamina Ports, Finland
Construction design of container cranes structures, stairways and walkways.
Finland Ansaldo Movimentazione 1993
- Canton Tecnimont Plant
Vortex shedding dynamic analysis and finite element structural analysis of the splitter supporting skirt.
Officine Maraldi 1993
- I2 110 and 500 kV Interconnecting System
110 and 500 kV substations steel lattice towers structural and seismic design.
Colombia Ansaldo Industria 1992 – 1993
- Submarine subbattery switches
Dynamic verification of the switch panel.
Italy Ansaldo Industria 1992
- Sisir System
Structural analysis od the Sisir system nozzles box.
Italy Industrie Aeronautiche Piaggio 1991
- Medit MK3 Wind Power Station
Structural analysis of the wind turbine new supporting tower.
Italy West 1991
- Medit MK2 Wind Power Station
Independent verfication, fatigue behavior improvement and technical specification for welding execution and control about the supporting skid of the wind turbine.
Italy West 1991
- Prà Port, Voltri
Structural design of the gantry crane on railways.
Ansaldo Movimentazione 1991
- Sanità Dock, Genova Port
Analysis of wind behavior of the bracings of the container cranes.
Ansaldo Moviemntazione 1990 - 1991
- Petrobel-Egypt El Qar’a Gas Field Integrated NGL Plant
Skids 34 e 31 A/B/C structural design.
Egypt Zama 1991
- Taiwan Port
In-service inspection manual for the container cranes.
Anasaldo Movimentazione 1990
- Locomotive Test Rig, Ansaldo Trasporti, Naples
Dynamic design of the whole test rig.
Ansaldo Trasporti 1990